Earn a Good Living Doing Work You Love

My (FREE) Freelancing Course Shows You the Path to Build a Successful Freelancing Business

You’ve got a skill, something you’re really good at. Maybe it’s designing websites, developing web apps, creating content, or managing social media. Whatever your skill is, you’ve discovered people are willing to pay you money in exchange for it.

That’s powerful. And it empowers you to start your own business as a freelancer. It’s an opportunity to work for yourself, on your own terms, with the freedom and flexibility to choose work you love.

Here’s the catch: Running a business is hard. There are a lot of hats you’ll have to wear that have absolutely nothing to do with your core skill. If you don’t figure out how to effectively manage your business, you won’t make it.

20+ year digital freelance veteran Carrie Dils (founder of The Fearless Freelancer®, OfficeHours.FM, and instructor at LinkedIN Learning) is ready to share how you can make freelancing work for you in this 6-part email course.

These six lessons will empower you to run your freelancing business with confidence.

So Many Hats…

Freelancing takes more than just plying your trade. Find out if you’re ready with the “are you a freelancer” checklist.

Setting Your Prices

Let’s talk about how to get paid what you’re worth and give your clients great value.

Communicating Like Your Paycheck Depends On It

Active communication with clients will increase happiness and income.

Setting Up Your Business

We’ll dip our toes in understanding business entity types, contracts, and insurance. It’s not sexy, but this is where most folks get it wrong.

Finding New Clients

Until you have referrals rolling in, we’ll talk about how to drum up new clients.

Taking Care of Business

We’ll talk tactics for growing your business skills and working ON your business, not just in it.