The “Are You a Freelancer” Checklist

Becoming a successful freelancer is more than just knowing how to ply your trade. You need to know how to run a business, how to market the services you provide, and create great customer relationships that keep your clients coming back (and bringing their friends with them).

5 Things That Make a Successful Freelancer

Freelancing may sound like gloriously relaxed days in your pajamas, cranking out work you love, and getting paid tons of money to do it, but alas, to freelance is to run a business.

Running a business takes work and involves a lot of boring tasks that have nothing to do with whatever core skill (we’ll talk more about this in the final email of the series).

So…do you have what it takes? Here’s a quick checklist to gauge your readiness.

✅ Embrace self-promotion

I know talking about yourself (especially about how great you are!) is a little uncomfortable. But you’ve gotta get comfortable marketing yourself. I believe in you! Now you believe in yourself, too!

✅ Be proactive

The successful freelancer doesn’t wait for opportunity to come knocking. Nope! She goes out and finds the work she wants. She looks beyond the current project and fills the pipeline for the future.

✅ Embrace risk

Gig work means unpredictable income. Not everyone can afford risk and that’s okay, but the savvy freelancer plans for feast AND famine. He also finds ways to mitigate risk with monthly recurring revenue.

✅ Get off the couch

A successful freelancer goes to work even when there’s no boss looking over your shoulder or deadlines looming. “Going to work” may mean just heading to the kitchen table, but regardless of where work happens, the freelancer is self-disciplined.

✅ Attend to details

The buck stops with you. You’re the entire C-suite rolled into one! Marketing? Got it. Accounting? Check. Project Management? Yep. You’re attending to a lot of details that have nothing to do with your craft.

Is freelancing awesome? I think so. I’ve done it for many years and wouldn’t have it any other way at this point. it’s hard work, but it’s rewarding.

Think it sounds right for you? If so, let’s keep going!

Your first assignment is to take a benchmark assessment you can use to take a snapshot of where you currently are in your journey and plot your progress over time. It also gives me an idea of how I can best help.

Day 1 Assignment: Take the Benchmark Assessment

Once you finish the assessment I’ll send you your answers via email for your records. In tomorrow’s lesson, I’ll share the essentials you need to set up your business.

Until then!